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Each state will have its own different car window tint laws. California has its own laws, and it’s important to know what they are before you get your car windows tinted.

Our most important window tinting laws focus on these certain aspects: which windows you can tint, the darkness of the tint on each window, and the reflectiveness of the tint.

Which Windows Can I Tint?

It is illegal for the front windshield to have any aftermarket tint. However, car owners may apply non-reflective tint strips to the top four inches of the windshield.

The side windows and rear windshield may be tinted.

How Dark Can My Car Window Tint Be?

The front side windows must allow 70% or more of natural light through. The rear side windows can be as dark as you like. The rear windshield can also be as dark as a driver likes, but the car must have the rear view mirrors on both sides of the car.

Can I Use Reflective Tint?

No. Absolutely not. California specifically does not allow any window tint that is more reflective than normal glass. We get enough sunlight as it is, imagine a highway full of mirrors shining that light right into your eyes. It’s just not safe, and accordingly, our state laws do not allow it.

Can I Use Red Tint?


It’s important to know the state laws for the state you live in. Conejo Auto Detail & Tinting is located in Thousand Oaks, CA; we serve the entire Conejo Valley, from Camarillo to Simi Valley and down to Simi Valley.

If you need more information on California car window tint laws, check out the CA DMV page.

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