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Things to Keep in Mind When Opting for Residential Window Tinting

Tinted Residential Window

Window tinting is a process that was developed not that long ago in our history. Window tinting for cars is a highly popular procedure that many drivers simply cannot live without. In a car, window tinting can help decrease the aging of interior components like cloth seats, leather trim, and other pieces that degrade quickly when exposed to direct sunlight; but window tinting for cars has other benefits, like keeping it cooler during the summer months and reducing the harmful UV rays that can affect our skin and eyes. However, most people who love auto window tint don’t imagine that the benefits can be translated into their home—but they can!

Residential window tinting is a relatively new process that has many benefits. If you’re wondering what residential window tinting can do for you and your home, this article will elaborate on some of the benefits that this type of window tinting offers home owners and residents. Let’s begin with the basics:

What is residential window tinting?

Residential window tinting is the process of tinting one or more windows in a home to block out harmful sun rays. We don’t usually imagine that the sun’s UV rays can permeate through a glass window pane—but they can! Although a normal window reflects sunlight significantly, it can also let in a large amount of rays that can pose a few threats or inconveniences to those inside. Tinting interior windows offers homeowners and residents many benefits that make the expense well worth it.

What are some of the benefits of residential window tinting?

As we mentioned before, the benefits of window tinting make the process well worth the expense. These are just a few of the benefits that homeowners claim to experience shortly after installing window tint in their homes:

Makes the home feel more private

Just as window tint helps make your car feel more private inside, so does window tint on a home. Residential neighborhoods where homes are in close proximity to one another can diminish privacy; window tinting can help you feel like you’re able to sustain your privacy even in crowded neighborhoods.

Prevents sun damage to furniture

If you own antique or wooden furniture, the sun is your enemy. Sun damage to furniture can cause it to appear far more aged than it is, and can even decrease its value. Keeping the sun out of your home can keep your furniture in better condition.

Keeps your home cool and climate controlled

Another great reason to install window tint in your home is to keep it more efficiently climate controlled. In the summer months, temperatures can rise above 100 degrees; window tint can keep the cost of energy down by retaining the cool temperature in your home.

What does the process of window tinting involve?

The process of window tinting is relatively simple; although it requires a fair amount of expertise and skill. Professionals begin by cleaning the windows thoroughly and then applying a solar film to the window in a precise fashion to efficiently block out the sun. There are a few types of films that homeowners can typically choose from that range in depth of darkness. Furthermore, depending on the direction your home faces and how much sun it gets, you may only want to tint certain windows in your home. The window tinting procedure is relatively quick, so you won’t be inconvenienced by people coming in and out of your home for days at a time.

How we can help you

Residential Window Tinting The window tinting experts here at Conejo Auto Window Tinting & Detail provide professional quality window tinting services for automobile as well as residential windows. With over 2 decades of experience in our community, the residents of Thousand Oaks, Westlake, Agoura Hills, Camarillo, Simi Valley, and Newbury Park, CA have relied on our services to enhance the quality of their experience in their cars and homes. Residential window tinting is a non-invasive procedure that can provide you with lasting benefits. If you’re interested in what residential window tinting can do for you and your home, please contact us to schedule an appointment or to learn more about our services.


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