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Window tinting has been around for decades, but the process has evolved and revolutionized into a streamlined process, giving customers the seamless results they want in window tint. Window tinting is appealing to many drivers more and more as the years pass—not just simply for the cool aesthetic finish it gives cars, but for an array of other reasons including the growing severity of the sun’s rays. If you’ve thought about tinting your windows, but are having a hard time coming up with a list of “pros,” here are a few of the reasons why tinting your windows is a great idea:

The Many Benefits of Window Tinting for Your Car

As we said before, tinted windows offer drivers an aesthetically-pleasing look to their cars that is often the perfect compliment to a new paint job, new rims, or even a wax and polish. However, there are so many other valid reasons why window tint is a smart investment. Here are just a few of them:

Keeps car cooler during summer

In the warm summer months, temperatures can rise to triple digits, making our cars one of the few retreats with air conditioning. Luckily, window tint has the excellent advantage of retaining cool air and blocking out the heat from the sun. This makes your car a lot more pleasant during the hottest months of the year. Furthermore, the resting temperature your car reaches when parked in the sun is far lower than cars without window tint, making your car much cooler upon initial entry.

Saves on gas money

When you use the air conditioner in your car frequently—especially over the summer during the high heat—it causes the engine to work harder and use more energy. Window tint keeps your car cooler, thereby reducing the need for high intensity, consistent air conditioner blasting. This significantly reduces your carbon footprint as well as the overall amount of gas your car guzzles.

Protects interior

One of the main reasons why people tint their car windows, besides aesthetic purposes, is that it protects the components of the interior of the car. Leather, fabric, plastic, you name it—the sun damages it. Window tint significantly reduces the harmful effects that the sun has on the interior of your car, which ultimately helps to retain the value.

Protects eyes and skin on especially long drives

Ever gone on a long drive down PCH with your arm on the windowsill? Chances are you learned your lesson the first time—either a farmer’s tan or sunburn made you want to wear a long sleeves or avoid those scenic drives all together. Window tint blocks out harmful UV rays that can cause melanoma and other types of harmful skin conditions, in addition to reducing the harmful effects the sun has on your eyes.

Prevents accidents

Window tint also diminishes the need to wear sunglasses and reduces glare, giving drivers a significantly enhanced field of vision while driving. Right around sunset is when the most accidents occur, and window tint can greatly improve driving conditions for those who are concerned about driving during that time of day.


So you want to rock out in your car to your favorite music, but are a little shy; or you want to freely pick your nose while other drivers don’t have the opportunity to judge you? Whatever the case, window tint offers drivers privacy on the road. We don’t always look our best, we don’t always feel like being on “display,” and tinting your windows can lower the propensity for prying eyes.

Window Tinting Made Easy

Though window tinting is a relatively simple process these days, it requires a professional level of skill and experience as well as intense attention to detail. When window tinting is performed improperly, it can cause bubbles to form in the tint, which can take away from the seamless look. It’s important to find a tinting and detail shop with the right expertise for the job.

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