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Whether we like it or not, the condition of our vehicles says something to the rest of the world about our priorities, our character, and our attention to detail. For many individuals, vehicles are simply a mode of transportation – a way of getting from point A to point B. If this is you, then it’s likely you’re uninterested in how to make sure your car’s paint job shines. However, if you are concerned about your car’s aesthetic appeal or overall value, then you may find this article to be especially helpful. Ongoing auto care doesn’t just involve tune-ups, oil changes, and routine engine maintenance; it encompasses the interior cabin and exterior paint of the car as well.

Why it’s important to keep your car’s paint in good condition

You might be surprised to find that there are a number of good reasons why keeping your car’s exterior paint job in good condition serves you well and ultimately benefits you. Here are a few of the most pertinent reasons why caring for your car’s paint job is worthwhile:

Keeps the exterior shiny and aesthetically pleasing

Getting into a clean, sparkling car can be an exciting part of your day – in fact, it can make you feel more confident, more cheerful, and looking forward to even running simple errands. Especially if you own a luxury vehicle, keeping the exterior looking good can help you feel like your investment is being upheld.

Retains your car’s value

Speaking of investments, when you put time, money, and energy into maintaining the exterior of your car, you better retain its value. When it comes time to re-sell or turn it in for a newer model, you’ll be surprised at how well the value can hold simply due to proper exterior paint care.

Conveys a message of care and pride of ownership

Many of us think about what our cars say about our personalities and ourselves. The truth is, when we see a car that’s all beat up we automatically assume that the individual driving it doesn’t take pride in their appearance. While this may not be important to everyone, a shiny, polished paint job is like a well-kept hairdo- it tells the world that we are trying to put our best foot forward.

A few basic tips for exterior paint care

Now to the important stuff: how do you actually care for your car’s exterior in a meaningful, cost-effective manner? This is something many individuals struggle with otherwise everyone’s car would look brand new. Here are a few helpful tips to abide by for the best results possible:

Washing, waxing, polishing regularly

We know, this is a time-consuming process to uphold on a regular basis; however, the more you implement this three-step process the more you’ll notice a change in your car’s value in the end.

Using proper materials and products

When washing, waxing, and polishing your car’s exterior, it is critical to use the proper materials, otherwise you may wind up with a damaged paint job or a totally wasted effort. Using non-abrasive materials is usually the best way to go initially, and consulting with professionals whenever possible is always recommended.

Keeping your car parked in a covered, protected area

If you’ve ever had an insurance company ask you if you keep your car covered and protected, they’re concerned about your car’s value and the potential for the exterior to become damaged. When you keep your car parked in a garage or covered area, the elements won’t corrode your paint job nearly as quickly, and you’ll have to go through the cleaning process a lot less frequently.

Outsourcing for appropriate expertise when appropriate

This is crucial to remember: if you’re ever unsure of what’s best for your car’s exterior paint job, don’t chance it by tackling paint care yourself – be sure to find a professional detailing shop to help you.

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