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Your car is going to lose value quite rapidly, from the first day you drive it off the lot to the day that you choose to trade it in. Though our cars lose value whether we like it or not, there are some ways to help slow the depreciation and keep your car looking and selling like a newer car. Your car is going to lose value over time, but you don’t have to take such a hit when it comes to selling it if you keep these two things in mind…

The first thing, is of course to keep it clean. Both the interior and exterior will fare better in the long run if you maintain its shine, as opposed to just the occasional wash. Keeping your car clean is one of the easiest ways to keep the value up, no matter its age.

To that point: Scotchgard the interior. This is a great way to keep upholstery and other areas looking great, even if they see frequent use. Using a product like Scotchgard can keep your seats from getting stained and worn over time. Along with this type of treatment comes keeping your floor boards free of debris, keeping them free of spills, and making sure that there is no unnecessary wear and tear that you can avoid. Accidents happen, of course, but every precaution you take now helps you later on.

Another way to keep your car value up is to take care of the exterior. This is often one of the first places that begins to show age in a car. Sun damage, weather damage, and simple age can make paint fade, flake, and chip. Clearbra paint protection can help keep paint looking new, even if it does have some age to it. Though keeping your car clean can help tremendously, you should also have regular maintenance so that the exterior and interior of your car match the car’s ability to run and perform.

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