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If you happen to find yourself a little bit too hot this summer, it may be a very good idea to look into getting your car’s windows tinted. This professional service does window tinting for Agoura Hills, Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks and the whole Conejo Valley. Conejo Auto Detail & Window Tinting is a certified 3M dealer with over two decades of experience in window tinting. We offer our customers the highest quality of customer service.

There are a couple of reasons why window tinting can greatly improve your car’s comfort level. Professional window tinting can prevent over ninety-nine percent of all UV rays from going through a car’s windows. This means that the driver is much less likely to get sunburned, and it can also go a very long ways towards reducing the driver’s overall eyestrain.

Professional window tinting is also able to prevent between 45 to 50 percent of all of the overall heat that makes its way into the cabin. This can greatly help to keep a driver cool while driving, and it will prevent the inside of a car from getting too hot when it is parked in direct sunlight. Window tinting also means that a driver doesn’t have to wait for their car to cool down, and it means that a driver doesn’t have to run their air conditioning constantly. This can greatly reduce the fuel economy of the car, and it can allow for the driver to enjoy a quieter atmosphere.

There are plenty more reasons to get your car windows tinted — if you’re interested, give us a call today!

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