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Whether you own a car, lease a car, or rent a car, there are different factors to consider when it comes time to “turn in” the car. If you own your car, then one day you might want to sell it; if you lease a car, then when your contract is up you might want to exchange it; if you rent a car, you’ll have to return it to the company eventually. Each of these scenarios translates into a monetary value (i.e. how much you’ll sell the car for; how much you’ll owe on the lease; or how much the rental company will charge you). However, there is one factor that significantly impacts each of these scenarios: cigarette smell.

The smell of smoke in a car can be a huge depreciating factor when it comes time to sell it. You might also get charged on your lease or rental for having the smell of smoke permeate the interior of the car. In any case, it will affect your wallet, and it’s in your best interest to have the smell removed from the car before “turning it in.” The good news is there are things you can do to remove the smoke scent from your car. Here is some more information about how cigarette smoke affects car interiors and why seeking professional help to fix the issue is the best solution.

Why You May Want to Get the Smoke Smell Out of Your Car

As we said before, the value of your car is significantly affected by the state of the interior. To the smoker, cigarette smoke might not be as easy to detect; however, to the car salesman on the lot or the rental company, cigarette smoke is something they’re looking for. Of course it’s an unhealthy habit, but that’s beside the point—the scent of smoke won’t go away on its own, so in order to save money it’s important to remove the smell of smoke to protect your investment.

Why Does Smoke Smell Last So Long In Cars

Have you ever wondered why it’s so difficult to get the smell of cigarette smoke out of your car? Different surfaces absorb the smell of smoke and the chemicals in the cigarettes. The smoke seeps into every surface in your car—hard or soft—as well as your entire ventilation system, including air filters. There are various procedures one must go through in order to do a thorough job of removing the smell from each of the surfaces effectively.

The Benefits of Having Professional Help

If you’ve tried to remove cigarette smell from your car and have had no success, there are legitimate reasons for that. Seeking professional help can take the burden of pressure off of you, transferring the problem to someone who knows what they’re doing and has experience removing the smell of smoke from many cars.

Requires the Right Materials and Tools

Getting the smoke smell out of your car requires expertise, but it also requires access to the right tools and materials for the job. For instance, high-powered vacuums can remove dust and ash that has sunk deep into floor mats and crevices.

The Task Will Be Done Right the First Time

It’s likely that you’ve tried to remove the smoke scent from your car on countless occasions to no avail, and you’ve spent hours of your time an energy doing so. Natural home remedies don’t often do the job well enough depending on how severe the smell is, and professional car detailers are your best bet.

How We Can Help You

Here at Conejo Auto Detail and Tinting, we have a strict protocol when it comes to removing cigarette smell from a car. Drivers in the areas of Thousand Oaks, Westlake, Agoura Hills, Camarillo, Simi Valley, and Newbury Park, CA, often have a long way to drive each day, and cigarettes can ease the stress of traffic. However, cigarettes have a significant affect on the value of your car, and can wind up costing you a lot more than the pack itself. If you’d like to remove the smoke scent from your car but need help doing so, contact us to schedule an appointment, or to simply get more information about our process.


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