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In addition to residential window tinting for comfort at home, equally important is commercial window tinting to keep your business safe, efficient and happy. Tinting windows is a frequently overlooked solution to many problems that business owners often face. For example, commercial window tinting provides the following important benefits:


High intensity ultraviolet rays damage office furniture, equipment, carpets and flooring. Your investment in furniture and equipment needs to be protected like any other investment. Sunlight fades furniture, and if you chose your furniture for a reason, make sure you keep it in good condition! Tinted windows can help keep your walls evenly painted, too, so the north walls aren’t more faded than the south.


If you are paying utility bills on your commercial property, naturally you’ll want them under control. Southern California is a hotbox all the way through November some years, especially in Thousand Oaks. Are you paying for air conditioning? How much are you paying each month? ACs are expensive to repair or replace. Running the unit less frequently is a win/win situation for both the business owner and the staff.


Although the human body needs natural light, bright glare from the sun can be an interference and annoyance, and bright reflections can keep your staff from working at an optimal pace. There’s no need to block the beautiful view outside with curtains or blinds; in fact, research shows that having a nice view tends to improve workers’ morale, which has been shown to increase productivity significantly. Who knew success could bloom from something as simple as window tinting?


Santa Ana winds in the autumn can sometimes blow so hard that large, damaging debris gets blown through windows, especially at street level. Window tinting has the added benefit of keeping broken windows in place, so that shards of broken glass don’t get blown inside the building where people may get injured.

The bottom line: window tinting a commercial property saves money. Don’t delay, call today!

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