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3 Major Benefits of Residential Window Tinting

In Southern California, especially in Thousand Oaks and up through Simi Valley, we see our fair share of sunlight – especially in the summertime. While it’s great to play in, sometimes we need a respite from all that intense light. Tinting your home’s windows is a great solution to a lot of daily annoyances that many people are otherwise forced to live with. And while you may think it’s an undue expense that you’ve been living without up till now, consider the lowered air conditioning bill and consider these other three important benefits:

1. Comfort

The home ought to be the most comfortable place in your life. You shouldn’t have to wait 30 to 45 minutes for your air conditioning to cool down a room when you get back from work. You shouldn’t have to squint just to read the newspaper in the morning. You shouldn’t have to close all the curtains just to enjoy watching a ball game on TV. Window tinting on your home helps reduce the glare and irritation, and helps keep the temperature stable. It’s a low-cost investment that will greatly improve your quality of life.

2. Safety

Santa Ana winds can blow up large debris and detritus that can damage windows; tinting film helps the windows stay in place rather than blow shards of broken glass inside. It’s better than an additional insurance policy!

3. Money

As mentioned before, you can reduce the monthly energy bills by using your A/C less. Depending on your insurance carrier, you may also be able to negotiate a lower premium for your homeowner’s insurance. Also, upgrades to aesthetics improve your home’s resale value – at which point, the investment of tinting the windows will more than pay for itself!
Think about residential tinting for your home’s windows. It’s worth it. Call us and we can tell you more.



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