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Auto detailing is an important part of ongoing vehicle care that many drivers and car owners overlook. Unfortunately, wear and tear accumulates over time, ultimately leading to a busted exterior and interior, which can significantly decrease the value of your car. If you’re interested in learning what auto detailing can do for your old car, this article will elaborate on what detailing can do for your car and the process that’s involved.

Exterior – What’s Involved?

Your car’s exterior is like a first impression, which is only one of the many reasons to keep it looking brand new. The process of cleaning and restoring your car’s exterior is rather simple, and when carried out by professionals you’ll be amazed at the finished product. Here is a brief synopsis of what a standard exterior detailing includes:

  • Washing – removing the surface layer of dirt, dust, and filth before attempting to buff or shine what’s underneath.
  • Clay treatment – if you’ve ever attempted to remove those hard water stains, it’s a lot more difficult than it appears. Clay treatments remove the deeper layer of dirt, dust, and filth that soap won’t take care of.
  • Restorative polish – this is the step that brings your car back to life. By polishing the exterior, it makes the car appear as though the paint job were recently done.
  • Gloss seal – a gloss or wax finish is the final touch to making your old car look shiny and brand new again.

What Exterior Detailing Can Do for Your Old Car

As cars are exposed to harmful UV rays, harsh weather conditions, and other corrosive or degrading conditions, they can wind up looking like they’re even older than they actually are. Exterior detailing does the following for your old car:

  • Restores dulled paintwork
  • Removes fine scratches and wear
  • Restores dirty or scratched wheels

Interior – What’s Involved?

If the exterior is a first impression, the interior is like a final impression. Once someone steps foot inside your car, they get to see just how much wear and filth it has accumulated over the years. The interior detailing process is just as important as the exterior process; if you ever choose to sell your car, the interior can be a huge selling point or deterrent depending on its condition. Here’s what the interior detailing process involves:

  • Overall vacuuming – a thorough overall vacuuming is a critical step to remove all the dust and dirt that has accumulated over the years.
  • Deep cleaning – a deeper cleaning using entails thoroughly shampooing and brushing the cloth areas, scrubbing away stains from floor mats and upholstery.
  • Surface polish and cleaning – all of the hard surfaces need polishing and cleaning too, as dirt particles tend to pack into the tiny crevices making it appear dull and worn. This process restores the shine of your interior.
  • Odor removal – this is a great service for those who smoke in their cars and decided to quit, or are selling their car and cannot have the permeating smell of smoke inside.

What Interior Detailing Can Do for Your Old Car

Between traffic and long commutes, drivers spend a lot of time inside their cars. The interior is important to keep in good condition, not only for your comfort, but for retaining the value of your car as time passes. This is what interior detailing can do for your old car:

  • Removes interior stains and scratches
  • Removes built up dirt and debris
  • Removes pervasive odors

How Conejo Auto Window Tinting & Detail Can Help

Car At Detailing Center Here at Conejo Auto Window Tinting & Detail, we know how important our clients cars are to them. Since 1989, we’ve been providing exceptional quality detail work for the residents of Thousand Oaks, Westlake, Agoura Hills, Camarillo, Simi Valley, and Newbury Park, CA—that means that for over 25 years we’ve helped people enjoy their cars more and get the most out of them. Many old cars aren’t past their prime, they just need a rejuvenating cleaning and polishing. If you are the proud owner of an older car that could use a little bit of a pick-me-up, please contact us to learn more about what we can do to restore its shine.

Auto Detailing

Car detailing is often confused with simple car washing; but they’re very different tasks and processes. Auto detailing is like fine artwork—it requires a high level of skill that is acquired over time. That’s why it’s important to find an auto detailing shop you can trust with an excellent reputation. If you’re not sure what the difference is between a regular car wash and an auto detail job, this article will clarify a bit. We’ll go over the basic procedures you can expect from an auto detail, the benefits of ongoing detailing, and where you can find reliable services.

The Basics You Can Expect From a Car Detail Job

Auto detailing is an art that requires expertise and, of course, attention to detail. Depending on the detail shop, services vary quite a bit; however, there are some basic tasks you can expect to be included in a car detail job. Overall, a car detailing is a cleaning and restoring of the interior and exterior condition of the car using special products and materials not typically found at your average car wash. A car wash only surface cleans the inside and outside of your car, whereas a detailing is meant to make the car look fit for a car show or a display where every last inch of the car is observed.

The Benefits of Car Detailing

There are many benefits of car detailing, and perhaps the most obvious one is the elevated luxury and comfort you feel when you get into the car. However, routine car detailing can provide drivers with significant benefits over time. When your car’s interior and exterior are kept in optimal condition, the value of the car is held much better. Just imagine going to see two of the same car, where one has been detailed regularly over the years—the difference would be noticeable. Besides retaining your car’s value, detailing also contributes to your car’s longevity. Over time paint can chip or corrode, and the interior can fade, scratch, or crack; detailing can prevent and restore the exterior and interior, helping your car to last much longer.

A Step-By-Step Account

If you’re not sure what to expect from an auto detailing job, here is a brief step-by-step account of generally what occurs in the process of detailing:

Interior Cleaning

Basic vacuuming and stain removal, leather treatments, and plastic dressing to restore shine.

  • Extensive vacuuming and cleaning/shampooing of interior cloth or leather seating, any upholstery, and between tight spaces and cracks
  • Polishing and protective coating for all trim, leather, vinyl, or plastic.
  • Finishing touches on all interior mirrors or glass

Exterior Cleaning

Eliminating any dirt and/or fine scratches or circular markings from poor wash jobs.

  • Washing, buffing, polishing, clay treatments, waxing, and shine coat,
  • Extensive washing of vehicle exterior to get all the dirt and grime off
  • Detailed washing of wheels
  • Once the car is dried, experts apply a clay treatment to further remove some of the tougher dirt and grime
  • Polishing, if necessary or requested—restores the car’s exterior paintwork to original shine
  • Lastly, the whole car gets a wax treatment to protect the shine
  • Every last detail of trim and window shine is taken care of to complete the entire look of shine and perfection

Some clients like to have the components under the hood cleaned as well—this is called an engine bay cleaning. This may be helpful if your car is entering a car show, if it will be on display, or if you plan on selling it in the near future. Also, automotive technicians enjoy working on clean engines because they’re easier to diagnose and treat.

How We Can Help You

As you can see, auto detailing is an in-depth Car Interior Cleaning procedure hat takes patience and skill. Here at Conejo Auto Window Tinting & Detail, we’ve helped drivers from all over Thousand Oaks, Westlake, Agoura Hills, Camarillo, Simi Valley, and Newbury Park, CA, with their auto detailing services since 1989. If you’d like to learn more about our auto detailing process, options, or pricing, please call one of our helpful professionals directly.

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