Should You Repair or Replace Your Damaged Car Bumper?

Car Bumper Scratch

A damaged car bumper is a complete eyesore, and often a reminder of a mistake or poor judgment call. Bumpers with scratches, dents, and holes are always aesthetically displeasing, but this is especially true when you own a luxury vehicle. Depending on your priorities and individual concerns, you may not care if your bumper has a few dents or scratches – after all, our cars are outside a majority of the time exposed to the elements, other cars, and shopping carts. However, if you are concerned about repairing or replacing your car bumper and which option you’ll likely need to follow, you might learn a little more from this article.

The truth about bumpers these days

The focus of auto manufacturing and design over the years has shifted tremendously. It used to be that bumpers were designed to absorb a significant amount of impact in collisions and accidents, as they were made of sturdy materials like solid metal. However, due to recent shifts in priorities of auto manufacturers, bumpers are now more for show – as before they weighed cars down contributing to muddled fuel efficiency and lower performance standards – even if they were safer. Most vehicle bumpers are made out of flimsy, cheap materials that damage rather easily with even the slightest bump or tap. Repairing bumpers today is often expensive, time-consuming, and difficult to achieve without substantial labor – of course, depending on the nature of the problem.

Why it’s important to address bumper damage

There are a number of reasons why bumper damage should be addressed in your own vehicle. Here are a few of them:

Safety reasons

Despite their flimsy nature, car bumpers are often the first point of impact in road collisions. They’re designed this way so that they can deter damage away from vital components under the hood. Therefore, reinstating the integrity of your car’s bumper is an important thing to follow up on.

Overall aesthetic

Especially when you own a luxury car, bumper damage takes away from the overall special look of your vehicle.

Car value

Any exterior damage that your car encounters significantly diminishes the value it holds. Furthermore, over time, as the bumper remains unfixed, it can begin to rust or become even more problematic to fix, which only further lowers your car’s value.

Professionalism and image

Whether we like it or not, our car says something about us. We may not need to drive a Maserati or a Bentley to show that we’re established individuals, but it is important to keep in mind that the outward care you put into your vehicle is a direct reflection of your ability to care for other important aspects of your life.

Things to consider when deciding to repair or replace your bumper

So, the big question is: can your bumper be repaired easily and affordably, or would it be better to replace it all together? Replacing a bumper isn’t the ideal solution for most, as it’s rather expensive to do; however, it might be a better option depending on the issue at hand. Here are some things that might affect your choice to repair or replace the bumper:

  • Bumper material and its ability to be fixed
  • Nature and severity of the damage – dents are usually easy to fix, whereas scratches require a lot more detail work
  • The expertise and opinion of the detail shop – they know what is doable and what is not
  • Cost-effectiveness – which option makes more sense financially speaking?

What you can do to adequately address bumper damage

Quick fixes are never the right answer when it comes to automotive repair, whether it’s internal or external. Here are a few things you can do to address your bumper damage properly and effectively:

  • Hire an auto detailing specialist you trust
  • Weigh your options carefully before deciding on one specific course of action
  • Enlist the help of your insurance company when appropriate or necessary

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