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Wheels perhaps get the brunt of most of your everyday driving slip-ups. Whether it’s a scratch on the rim from a botched parking job or a bent rim from hitting that pothole the city still hasn’t fixed, our wheels rarely stay in the pristine condition they’re in when we drive our cars home for the first time.

That’s why it’s important to know where to go when it’s time for a wheel repair. Picking the best wheel repair shop comes down to the kind of repair you are looking for. Here are some tips on how to figure that out.

Common Wheel Issues

The first step in getting a wheel repair is identifying the fact that there is a problem in need of fixing. The wheels are perhaps one of the most important components of our cars, yet we tend to assume they are working fine until there is a glaring issue. It’s important for us as car owners to know the common wheel issues that may arise so we can spot them before they cause further problems.


The wheels on your car can become misaligned due to a collision, but it can also occur over time simply because of regular use. There are many symptoms of alignment issues to be aware of. First, there is pulling. If your alignment is not correct, your car may pull to the right or left on its own, which would require more strength and attention from you to keep your car moving straight. Secondly, if your steering wheel shakes, that can also be a sign of misalignment. Thirdly, alignment issues can also cause uneven tire wear. This is different from the wear you will see from not rotating your tires regularly, which usually shows up towards the front of the tires. Instead, you will see wear on the tire edges or on just one side of the car. Lastly, misalignment can be spotted by watching your steering wheel to see if matches up with your wheels when parking. All of these are signs of alignment issues that a certified repair shop could fix.

Bent Rim

A bent rim is one of the most common problems drivers encounter with their wheels. No matter what your wheels are made of, the right pothole or curb can turn your shiny rim into a crooked, misshapen mess that can cause even further damage. It’s important to get a bent rim fixed as soon as possible. If not repaired, it can cause your time to lose air, affecting your handling and fuel economy, and eventually leading to a flat or blown tire. A bent rim can also affect your steering or cause your car to wobble at high speeds. If you notice signs of a bent rim, such as vibration in the steering wheel or seat, a change in handling or a visible dent in the rim, you should take your car to a qualified repair shop as soon as possible to prevent further damages and costs.

Scratches, Chips or Bubbles

Most of the time, the only damage we cause to our wheels is cosmetic. Some of us weren’t gifted with expert parallel parking skills, so our wheels end up scratched all over. For others, bubbles or blistering may simply appear throughout the paint, giving the wheel an untidy look. The repairs for these are not time sensitive and are easily done in the hands of a qualified repair person.

Picking the Right Shop

Scratches and chips can be easily fixed by a Car Wheel Repair touch-up, but you can also have your rims fully repainted to ensure a long-lasting, uniform look. Alignment can also be fixed easily by a certified technician. When it comes to bent rims, the repair can be a bit more complicated depending on the type of wheel you have and the extent of the damage. In some cases, you may need to replace it altogether. The best way to make sure you are making the right decision is to visit the right repair shop.

Conejo Auto Window Tinting & Detail does more than just tint windows. Since 1989, the experienced team also offers wheel repairs at competitive prices at our shop, convenient to Thousand Oaks, Westlake, Agoura Hills, Camarillo, Simi Valley and Newbury Park, CA. If you believe you are in need of a wheel repair, make an appointment with Conejo Auto Window Tinting & Detail today.

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