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Conejo Auto Detail Blog- Benefits of Tinting Your Homes Windows

To most window tinting may seem like something left exclusively for vehicles but actually it holds many of the same benefits for your house as it does your car. Home window tinting is fast becoming one of the most popular methods of home renovations for all of its’ positive impacts. Instead of just believing that your car is the only thing that can benefit, learn more about the benefits that home window tinting and why you should invest in it for your home.

Financial Impacts-

When it comes to anything regarding renovations or remodeling to your home the first thing that is usually considered is the cost. Homeowners know the importance of value in order to budget for an entire remodel and the one area where window tinting helps the most. These are just a few of the financial impacts that window tinting can have on your home.

• Cost effective- Over time as your new tinted windows improve insulation and shading you will notice a substantial difference in the monthly energy bills. While it may seem like an expensive endeavor initially it will ultimately have a net positive result when compared to renovations like new flooring.
• Lower energy bills- Tinted windows provide homeowners with less heat coming through the windows during hot afternoons. As a result your monthly electric bill will lower due to running the A/C less during summer months.
Improved home value- A more energy efficient home that is better insulated and looks more appealing makes it much easier when looking to sell your home. The improved appeal will add additional value and whether you want to sell or not.
Prevents upholstery fading- Prolonged exposure to sunlight throughout rooms like the dining or living room can lead to fading or other damage to the upholstery of couches/chairs and other furniture. When you call Conejo Auto for window tinting it all but assures that your furniture will last longer and avoid that accelerated wear and tear that sunlight can cause.

Cosmetic Impacts-

While not as noteworthy as financial benefits there are still a number of positive results that can occur that improve not only your comfort at home but also the overall appearance of your house. In addition to all of the financial benefits these cosmetic benefits can also have a huge impact on your home.

• Guaranteed safety- With intense Southern California winds there can often be debris flying that can damage windows. Window tint can help to reinforce your windows so if glass does break it will not shatter everywhere. This is especially beneficial in bedrooms but will greatly improve safety across the entire house.

• Improved comfort- In addition to the better insulation and reduced heat from the sunlight you will also notice less glare in your home. Sunlight glare can make it hard to see TVs or computer screens and the window tint will not only make it easier to see inside the home but also lets you open the windows and remove shades or drapes more often, improving the natural lighting as well as the view.

Industry Leaders In Window Tint-

For over 25 years the experts at Conejo Auto Detail and Window Tinting have provided homeowners with beautifully constructed and durable window tints that are guaranteed to last for years. Utilizing all 3M window film products we are able to ensure your home receives the quality care that your home requires. As opposed to expensive renovations like new flooring or complete room remodels (bedroom, bathroom, kitchen) a window tint for your home will help save money over time while also adding value to your home. The professionals that make up our Conejo team understand that each home is different and that is why we work closely with each client to determine their preferences and budget. From there we do our best to ensure that the job gets done right and we won’t be finished until you are 100% satisfied with your windows.

While it may often be overlooked among other types of renovation projects for your home, window tinting is a rapidly rising method of remodeling. The experts at Conejo Auto detail and window tinting know how to get the most out of every room in the house so that you can enjoy the positive results that quality home window tinting can provide.
If you are in Thousand Oaks or the Westlake Village, Agoura Hills, Malibu and Newbury Park areas and would like to see what home window tinting can do for your family please call us today. For years our commitment to customer service has helped homeowners get more for their money and our experts will make sure that your home reaps the benefits of window tinting too.


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