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Residential & Commercial Tinting

At Conejo Auto Detail & Auto Tinting, we’ve known the benefits of both commercial and residential tinting since 1989. With experience serving commercial buildings and residences throughout northern Los Angeles, including Newbury Park and Thousand Oaks, Conejo is here to serve all of your professional and personal needs when it comes to shading you from the hot sunlight. Take a look at just some of the benefits tinting brings to your home or business with expert installation:

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Comfort Level

As you walk through your home or office, temperatures vary greatly as you move toward or away from windows. Comfort levels within an office, for example, must be consistent for all workers’ locations. A comfortable temperature only encourages productivity each day. At home, consistent temperatures keep hands away from the thermostat, conserving energy. Window tinting provides this consistent comfort level by preventing hot sunlight from striking indoors, especially on south, west or east facing windows. You’ll feel an immediate difference after Conejo’s professional installation.

Surefire Safety

When those intense Southern California winds blow, the debris often damages windows. As glass shatters, it flies outward, possibly injuring nearby people. With commercial window tint, the glass may shatter but is held in place with the tint’s adhesive, and injuries are avoided completely. This same shatter protection works at home too, especially on bedroom windows. Consider your family’s health when deciding on tint across all windows.

Pays For Itself

Although residential tinting is not expensive for small installations, an entire home or commercial complex requires extensive labor. However, you’ll see a significant return over time on your energy savings. For example, your window tint keeps the interior cool, allowing you to turn down the air conditioner. Your AC doesn’t use as much energy, providing you with a lower bill each month. Over time, the energy savings pay for the tint.

Fading Reduced Significantly

Conejo uses only the best window tint to block almost all sunlight rays, including ultraviolet (UV) radiation, which causes upholstery fading. With our window tint secured to your windows, you’ll see couches and chairs preserved for years. Sunlight fading is cause for costly reupholstering or even furniture replacement. With significant savings from no fading issues, your window tint provides another return on your investment.

Little Glare

If you constantly cover your windows with shades or draperies, you’re losing out on a beautiful view into your yard or neighborhood. Sunlight glare also makes television or computer monitor viewing nearly impossible. Add tint to these windows and open up the drapes! You’ll enjoy the outdoors pouring into the home without the annoying glare. The energy savings still applies even with the drapes open most of the day.

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