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Things to Consider While Repairing a Car Bumper

Car accidents can leave a lot of devastation in their wake. Crashes can lead to problematic internal issues with your vehicle, leading to performance and reliability problems. After an accident, the first most important things to address are the functional aspects of your car. There’s no sense in working on external damages until your car […]

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How to Protect Your Car from Faded and Cracked Interior

Living in California has its perks, namely the amazing roads and highways to test our car’s performance on, and there’s nothing like driving down the coast in a convertible with the windows down. Unfortunately, the California sun can be harsh on us, and our cars—especially on the interior materials. Excessive sunlight can cause the interior […]

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Benefits of Home Window Tinting

Conejo Auto Detail Blog- Benefits of Tinting Your Homes Windows To most window tinting may seem like something left exclusively for vehicles but actually it holds many of the same benefits for your house as it does your car. Home window tinting is fast becoming one of the most popular methods of home renovations for […]

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Two Ways To Slow Your Car’s Value Depreciation

Your car is going to lose value quite rapidly, from the first day you drive it off the lot to the day that you choose to trade it in. Though our cars lose value whether we like it or not, there are some ways to help slow the depreciation and keep your car looking and […]

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How Dark Should I Go With Window Tinting?

Car customization is a great way to show off your personality. Many people like to customize their cars because it gives a sense of freedom. The ability to choose whatever kind of colors and designs you want can be very thrilling. Many customizations also have very useful functions. Window tinting is a great customization that […]

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Tinting vs. Your Car’s Auto-Dimming Rear View Mirrors

Technology enhances our driving experience and makes us safer. The BMW X5, for example, is a standout model for safety and style. Adding window tinting improves the look, the comfort, and has a host of other benefits. However, not all forms of technology are cohesive with the whole – auto-dimming rear view mirrors, for example, […]

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What Are the Laws Surrounding Car Window Tinting?

Each state will have its own different car window tint laws. California has its own laws, and it’s important to know what they are before you get your car windows tinted. Our most important window tinting laws focus on these certain aspects: which windows you can tint, the darkness of the tint on each window, […]

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4 Major Benefits of Commercial Window Tinting

In addition to residential window tinting for comfort at home, equally important is commercial window tinting to keep your business safe, efficient and happy. Tinting windows is a frequently overlooked solution to many problems that business owners often face. For example, commercial window tinting provides the following important benefits: 1. PRESERVATION OF OFFICE FURNITURE & […]

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3 Major Benefits of Residential Window Tinting

In Southern California, especially in Thousand Oaks and up through Simi Valley, we see our fair share of sunlight – especially in the summertime. While it’s great to play in, sometimes we need a respite from all that intense light. Tinting your home’s windows is a great solution to a lot of daily annoyances that […]

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How To Drive Into the Sunset

That sunlight is actually a bigger hazard than a lot of drivers are willing to admit. So to help avoid accidents, here are some safety tips for driving into the sun: 1. Keep your windshield clean on both the inside and outside. Those smears that may seem like nothing at noon become giant, visibility-impairing streaks […]

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